Lotos herbs

We are engaged in plant breeding of organic and conventional herbs, spices and essential oil plants.

Lavender, common oregano, white / Greek oregano, thyme, chamomile, savory, mint. There will also be other plants.

Herbs offered:


Lavender has been known as a fragrant plant since ancient times. Its widespread use is now due to the essential oil extracted from the blossoms.


The above-ground part of the plant, and especially the leaves containing essential oils with a main constituent menthol, are used.


The above ground part is used, harrowed before, during or after flowering. Dried in the shade (35 degrees).


Chamomile is a curative plant that is commonly used against various diseases. It is also used as a tea drink with a pleasant taste.


It is also grown as a cultural plant because of the aromatic oil, which is found in the entire surface and especially in the blossoms.


Besides spice, thyme is widely used as a herb. The dried blossoms can be used for healing purposes.

White oregano

The white oregano contains essential oils which are used as a spice, a soothing agent, against colds, to improve digestion and in perfumery.


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Fields are grown in the Dobrudja region